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Publication . Article . 2021

Conformity of the NASADEM_HGT and ALOS AW3D30 DEM with the Altitude from the Brazilian Geodetic Reference Stations: A Case Study from Brazilian Cerrado

Giovana Maranhão Bettiol; Manuel Eduardo Ferreira; Luiz Pacheco Motta; Édipo Henrique Cremon; Edson Eyji Sano;
Open Access
Published: 01 Apr 2021 Journal: Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), volume 21, issue 9 (eissn: 1424-8220, Copyright policy )
Publisher: MDPI

The Brazilian Cerrado (tropical savanna) is the second largest biome in South America and the main region in the country for agricultural production. Altitude is crucial information for decision-makers and planners since it is directly related to temperature that conditions, for example, the climatic risk of rainfed crop plantations. This study analyzes the conformity of two freely available digital elevation models (DEMs), the NASADEM Merged Digital Elevation Model Global 1 arc second (NASADEM_HGT) version 1 and the Advanced Land Observing Satellite Global Digital Surface Model (ALOS AW3D30), version 3.1, with the altitudes provided by 1695 reference stations of the Brazilian Geodetic System. Both models were evaluated based on the parameters recommended in the Brazilian Cartographic Accuracy Standard for Digital Cartographic Products (PEC-PCD), which defines error tolerances according to eight different scales (from 1:1000 to 1:250,000) and classes A (most strict tolerance, for example, 0.17 m for 1:1000 scale), B, C, and D (least strict tolerance, for example, 50 m for 1:250,000 scale). Considering the class A, the NASADEM_HGT meets 1:250,000 and lower scales, while AW3D30 meets 1:100,000 and lower scales; for class B, NASADEM_HGT meets 1:100,000 scale and AW3D30 meets 1:50,000. AW3D30 presented lower values of root mean square error, standard deviation, and bias, indicating that it presents higher accuracy in relation to the NASADEM_HGT. Within eight of Cerrado’s municipalities with the highest grain production, the differences between average altitudes, measured by the Cohen’s effect size, were statistically insignificant. The results obtained by the PEC-PCD for the Cerrado biome indicate that both models can be employed in different DEM-dependent applications over this biome.

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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Biome Standard deviation Physical geography Scale (map) Environmental science Mean squared error Digital elevation model Geodetic datum Tropical savanna climate Altitude


Technical Note, digital elevation model, cartographic accuracy standard, Brazilian Geodetic System, PEC-PCD, Chemical technology, TP1-1185, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Biochemistry, Instrumentation, Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics, Analytical Chemistry

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