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Publication . Conference object . 2016

High efficiency modular DC-DC power converter for adaption to industrial & hybrid robotics

Leslie R. Adrian; Donato Repole; Leonids Ribickis;
Published: 01 Oct 2016
Publisher: IEEE

The purpose of this paper is to address current issues in industrial robotics applications and to address also the current trends occurring in the industry regarding smaller mobile units in factory and external manufacturing processes relating to the battery powering of robotics devices. Specifically, we shall concentrate the efforts herein on “Mobile Industrial Robotics”. The paper touches briefly on problems associated with both definitions of industrial robots and problems associated with power supply sources of mobile industrial robotics and provides an outline of future work with appropriate solution for smaller mobile industrial mobile units operating in the variable input range of 24V to 48v and outputs in the range of 3.3V to 12V @ 20A in three stages. The project required a fast, turn-key solution which did not allow for a “design from scratch” solution and so detailed herein is suitable design produced in other sectors and relating the details, design process, modelling and examination of a successful and efficient high current DC to DC switch mode power supply. Parameters have been adjusted to our own preferences in the design considerations regarding “Industrial Service Hybrids” [1] (ISH)1. Other design issues are under assessment and shall be included as the project moves forward.

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