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Seasonality of spectral albedo and transmissivity as observed in the Arctic Transpolar Drift in 2007

Marcel Nicolaus; Sebastian Gerland; Stephen R. Hudson; S. Hanson; Jari Haapala; Donald K. Perovich;
Open Access
  • Published: 16 Nov 2010
  • Country: Germany
[1] The first continuous and high temporal resolution record of spectral albedo and transmittance of snow and sea ice in the Arctic Ocean over an entire summer season is presented. Measurements were performed at a manned station on multiyear sea ice in the Transpolar Drift during the drift of the schooner Tara from April to September 2007. Concurrent autonomous measurements of ice mass balance and weekly observations of snow and sea-ice properties complement the data set. The seasonality of physical and biological processes of snow and sea ice is characterized, including quantification of melt onset (10 June), melt season duration, and freeze onset (15 August). ...
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