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Publication . Thesis . 2021

Design and Implementation of a Generalized Resource Management Architecture in the TeMoto Software Framework

Kustavus, Allan;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2021
Publisher: Tartu Ülikool
Country: Estonia

Autonomous robots are utilized in a wide range of domains, combining a large number of resources like sensors, actuators and algorithms to form a self-acting robotic system. Tools, such as ROS and TeMoto, have been developed to allow for handling and managing of resources composing such systems. While TeMoto is meant to handle dynamic and changing situations the current implementation of its Resource Registrar, a core TeMoto component tasked with allocating, deallocating and tracking of resources, is tightly coupled to ROS, making it difficult to modify and improve. As a result of this thesis, the Resource Registrar (RR) of TeMoto was completely redesigned to be extendable to other robotic middleware, such as ROS2, and to improve TeMoto’s robustness with features, e.g., full recovery of the RR, that were unattainable with the previous design.


Robotics, programming, autonomous operation, Robot Operating System, resource management, TeMoto, magistritööd

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