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Publication . Article . 2022


Ridhwan, Ridhwan; Sari, Rima Meilita;
Open Access
Published: 30 Jun 2022 Journal: E-Jurnal UNSAM (issn: nalunsam, Copyright policy )
Publisher: Geography Education Study Program, Universitas Samudra

This research and development aim to develop learning media in the form of an articulate storyline on remote sensing material. The development of learning media uses the development procedure of Borg and Gall which has been modified according to the research objectives. The development stages are carried out to produce prototypes that are ready to be tested to improve critical thinking skills. The stages of development are preliminary studies, planning, development of learning media prototypes, validation of material and media experts, prototype revisions, and field trials to test the product's practicality. The practicality test involves class XI students who have taken remote sensing material. The results of the media and material expert validation show that the product is feasible to use. The results of field trials show the feasibility of the product by 89.65%. The conclusion from this development is that the articulate storyline learning media is suitable and feasible to be used in the learning process in high school.

Tujuan penelitian dan pengembangan ini adalah mengembangkan media pembelajaran berupa articulate storyline pada materi penginderaan jauh. Pengembangan media pembelajaran menggunakan prosedur pengembangan dari Borg and Gall yang telah dilakukan modifikasi sesuai dengan tujuan penelitian. Adapun tahapan pengembangan yang dilakukan hingga menghasilkan prototype yang siap diujicobakan untuk meningkatkan kemampuan berpikir kritis. Tahapan pengembangan yaitu studi pendahuluan, perencanaan, pengembangan prototype media pembelajaran, validasi ahli materi dan media, revisi prototype, uji coba lapangan untuk menguji kepraktisan produk. Pada uji kepraktisan melibatkan siswa kelas XI yang telah mengambil materi penginderaan jauh. Hasil validasi ahli media dan materi menentukan produk layak digunakan. Hasil uji coba lapangan menunjukan kelayakan produk sebesar 89,65%. Kesimpulan dari pengembangan ini, media pembelajaran articulate storyline sudah baik dan layak untuk digunakan dalam proses pembelajaran di SMA.


Learning Media, Articulate Storyline, Remote Sensing, High School, Media Pembelajaran, Articulate Storyline, Penginderaan Jauh, SMA

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