project . 2021 - 2025 . On going

Development of optoelectronic polarisation and plasmonic devices for bioimaging

UK Research and Innovation
Funder: UK Research and InnovationProject code: 2605905
Funded under: EPSRC
Status: On going
30 Sep 2021 (Started) 30 Mar 2025 (Ending)

Optoelectronic imaging systems offer the potential of rapid screening for cancer with high sensitivity. The project will develop plasmonic structures imaged and optical sources delivering tunable polarisation for identifying biomolecules, particularly those associated with cancer, with high sensitivity. Semiconductor laser sources that can emit light in any desired polarisation state and can be tuned continuously from any state to another will be developed. Plasmonic structures will be designed and fabricated to enhance optical scattering from molecules. A system to acquire a series of polarisation dependent images will be assembled using the component parts.

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