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Other research product . 2018

Particular qualities of micro evolutionary adaptation processes in cenopopulations Medicago L. on carbonate forest-steppe soils in European Russia

Dumacheva, E. V.; Cheriavskih, V. I.;
Open Access
Published: 12 Apr 2018
yes The article is devoted to the study of adaptive micro evolutionary processes in the cenopopulations Medicago L. on carbonate forest-steppe soils of the European part of Russia. Dedicated competitive sustainable multifoliate forms of alfalfa with mf-mutation have served as a source material for the creation of the specialized grade Krasnoyarouzhskaya 1 Belgorod State University

agriculture, plant cultivation, fodder, alfalfa, Medicago L., cenopopulations, mf-mutation, multifoliate forms, microevolution, unprogressive hybridization, ecotypes, adaptation, genetic centers, forest-steppe, calcareous soils