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Other research product . Other ORP type . 2020

Ground Truth and Automated Classification from Copernicus Sentinel-2 Imagery

Sarti, Maurizio; Ciolfi. Marco; Lauteri, Marco; Paris, Pierluigi; Chiocchini, Francesca;
Published: 01 Jan 2020
Country: Italy

Ground-Truth and Sentinel2 imagery classification of Trees Outside Forest in an agroforestry landscape in Umbria, Italy. Location: Alfina plains, Castelgiorgio area, Umbria, Italy. Reference system: EPSG:32632 (WGS84, UTM zone 32 North) Extent: West 740609 -- East 750828, South 4726490 -- North 4737250 Dataset format: geopackage, a single file data.gpkg containing 9 vector layers (in alphabetical order): Areas -- Areas of interest, 2 polygons Classification -- Automated classification from Sentinel2 imagery, 11781 polygons Hedgerows1 -- Ground truth, hedgerows of Area1, 148 lines Hedgerows2 -- Ground truth, hedgerows of Area2, 135 lines Sentinel2 -- Sentinel2 scenes footprint, one polygon Trees1 -- Ground truth, isolated trees of Area1, 55 points Trees2 -- Ground truth, isolated trees of Area2, 64 points Woods1 -- Ground truth, small forest patches of Area1, 33 polygons Woods2 -- Ground truth, small forest patches of Area2, 37 polygons Accompanying map: map.qgz, Qgis 3.6 format. The geopackage dataset is supposed to be stored in the same directory of the map (relative path = ./) Dataset description and metadata: meta.pdf


remote sensing, forest inventory, rural landscape, biodiversity, ecological network

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Other ORP type . 2020
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