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Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Country: China (People's Republic of)
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  • Open Access mandate for Publications
    Funder: EC Project Code: 723227
    Overall Budget: 2,533,670 EURFunder Contribution: 999,548 EUR
    Partners: University of Surrey, CHINA ACADEMY OF TELECOMMUNICATION RESEARCH (CATR), MIIT, InterInnov (France), BUPT, ICT, HUST, Huawei Technologies (China), SPI, PRES, UPMC...

    Europe and China are at the forefront of technological advances in areas related to the Future Internet (especially 5G and IoT). While both parties share common technological objectives, there is still room for improvement in what concerns bilateral co-operation. As a result, the main purpose of EXCITING is to support the creation of favourable conditions for co-operation between the European and Chinese research and innovation ecosystems, mainly related to the key strategic domains of IoT and 5G. EXCITING will study the research and innovation ecosystem for IoT and 5G in China and compare it with the European model. EXCITING will identify and document the key international standards bodies for IoT and 5G, as well as other associations and fora where discussions take place and implementation decisions are made. Going beyond standardisation, interoperability testing is a key step towards market deployment. EXCITING will identify and document the key international InterOp events at which European and Chinese manufacturers can test and certify their IoT and 5G products. It will also explain the rules for engaging in these events. EXCITING will produce Best Practice guidelines for establishing and operating practical joint collaborations, in order to stimulate further such co-operations in the future on IoT and 5G Large Scale Pilots. As a result of the above investigations EXCITING will produce a roadmap showing how research and innovation ecosystems, policy, standardisation, interoperability testing and practical Large Scale Pilots should be addressed during the H2020 timeframe, and make recommendations for optimising collaboration between Europe and China for IoT and 5G.

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