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  • Open Access
    Alessandra Amendola; Marinella Boccia; Gianluca Mele; Luca Sensini;
    Publisher: Canadian Center of Science and Education
    Country: Italy

    This paper evaluates the impact of access to credit from banks and other financial institutions on household welfare in Mauritania. Household level data are used to evaluate the relationship between credit access, a range of household characteristics, and welfare indica...

  • Open Access Spanish
    Maria Fernanda Arroyo; Rosa Siguencia; Genoveva Torres; Yéssica Lavayen; Jorge Campos;
    Publisher: Zenodo

    Desde agosto de 2007 a enero de 2008, se realizó un estudio de calidad del agua en los pozos del recinto "Aguas Verdes" (Península de Santa Elena) y su repercusión en las poblaciones aledañas. Se determinó y cuantificó...

  • Open Access Spanish; Castilian
    Hernando Ruiz Camero; Hernán Araméndiz; Alexandra Casasbuenas;
    Publisher: Sociedad de Cirugía de Bogotá, Hospital de San José y Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud
    Country: Colombia

    Introducción: la histeroscopia se considera un método diagnóstico y terapéutico que permite en forma simultánea la visualización de la cavidad endometrial y la obtención de biopsias, así como la realización de diferentes procedimientos quirúrgicos. Se ha practicado bajo...

  • Open Access Turkish
    Göçer, Aynur;
    Publisher: Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü

    Bu araştırma Tokat ili Artova ilçesinde sığır yetiştiricileri ile anket yöntemi kullanılarak yapılmıştır. Araştırmanın materyalini, Artova ilçesinde faaliyet gösteren tarım işletmelerinden elde edilen veriler ile TUİK, DPT ve İlçe Tarım Müdürlüğü istatistikleri oluşturm...

  • Open Access English
    Catherine Sanders; Casandra Cox; Leslie Edgar; Donna Graham; Amanda Philyaw Perez;
    Publisher: Thomas A. Lyson Center for Civic Agriculture and Food Systems

    Urban farming is a phenomenon rising in popular­ity across the United States. Investigating the needs of urban farmers in a predominately rural state is important in informing future programming and technical assistance for these clients. This qualita­tive study used se...

  • Open Access
    Navarro, Elena; Alfieri, Silvia; Mateos, Luciano; Parias, Pedro;
    Country: Spain

    The Relative Irrigation Supply index (RIS) allows the evaluation of water use from the applied water and the estimation of the water needs of the crops. This work analyzes the tail of the RIS distribution frequency in the area of Sector BXII of the Lower Guadalquivir, w...

  • Open Access
    Winston Garcia-Gabin;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV

    Abstract This paper addresses the problem of how to estimate a ocean wave spectrum using standard meteorological information provided by weather forecast companies. A method is proposed for calculating a wave bimodal spectrum using the wind-sea and the swell components,...

  • Open Access
    Dety Sukmawati; Lies Sulistyowati; Maman H. Karmana; E kusnadi Wikarta;
    Publisher: LPPM Universitas Winaya Mukti

    Price is a major factor, therefore, that the policy of raising agricultural output through price incentives to succeed, the government must know exactly how the response of supply / supply in the agricultural sector to price changes. The response will vary according to ...

  • Publication . Part of book or chapter of book . 2022
    Open Access German
    Paesler, Reinhard;
    Publisher: Hannover: Verlag der ARL - Akademie für Raumentwicklung in der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft

    Ausgehend von der Notwendigkeit, im Interesse einer wirkungsvollen Raumplanung möglichst aktuelle Abgrenzungen der Planungsräume zu gewährleisten, wird Kritik an der derzeitigen Abgrenzung dreier Raumkategorien der bayerischen Raumordnung, Landes- und Regionalplanung ge...

  • Open Access Persian
    Jalil Alavi; Kourosh Ahmadi; Seyed Mohsen Hosseini; Tabari Masoud; Zahra Nouri;
    Publisher: Iranian Society of Forestry

    Taxus baccata is an indigenous and valuable species of Hyrcanian Forests. According to recent studies, the presence of this species in the areas where distribution is declining; therefore, preserving and restoring this valuable species is essential. One of the most stra...