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Research data . Dataset . 2018

The RobotriX: An Extremely Photorealistic and Very-Large-Scale Indoor Dataset of Sequences with Robot Trajectories and Interactions

Garcia-Garcia, Alberto; Martínez González, Pablo; Oprea, Sergiu; Castro-Vargas, John Alejandro; Jover-Álvarez, Álvaro; Orts-Escolano, Sergio; Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2018
Publisher: IEEE
Country: Spain
Enter the RobotriX, an extremely photorealistic indoor dataset designed to enable the application of deep learning techniques to a wide variety of robotic vision problems. The RobotriX consists of hyperrealistic indoor scenes which are explored by robot agents which also interact with objects in a visually realistic manner in that simulated world. Photorealistic scenes and robots are rendered by Unreal Engine into a virtual reality headset which captures gaze so that a human operator can move the robot and use controllers for the robotic hands; scene information is dumped on a per-frame basis so that it can be reproduced offline using UnrealCV to generate raw data and ground truth labels. By taking this approach we were able to generate a dataset of 38 semantic classes across 512 sequences totaling 8M stills recorded at +60 frames per second with full HD resolution. For each frame, RGB-D and 3D information is provided with full annotations in both spaces. Thanks to the high quality and quantity of both raw information and annotations, the RobotriX will serve as a new milestone for investigating 2D and 3D robotic vision tasks with large-scale data-driven techniques. Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Informática (Grupo de Interés 3D Perception Lab). This work has been also funded by the Spanish Government TIN2016-76515-R grant for the COMBAHO project, supported with Feder funds. This work has also been supported by a Spanish national grant for PhD studies FPU15/04516 and by the University of Alicante project GRE16-19 and by the Valencian Government project GV/2018/022. Experiments were made possible by a generous hardware donation from NVIDIA.

Indoor Dataset, Photorealism, Deep Learning, Robotics, Arquitectura y Tecnología de Computadores

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