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  • 2018-2022
  • Academy of Finland
  • Seismic full-waveform inversion with application to groundwater exploration

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  • Open Access English
    Lipponen, Antti; Reinvall, Jaakko; Väisänen, Arttu; Taskinen, Henri; Lähivaara, Timo; Sogacheva, Larisa; Kolmonen, Pekka; Lehtinen, Kari; Arola, Antti; Kolehmainen, Ville;
    Publisher: Zenodo
    Project: AKA | Centre of Excellence of I... (336791), AKA | Seismic full-waveform inv... (321761), AKA | Centre of Excellence of I... (336791), AKA | Seismic full-waveform inv... (321761)

    POPCORN Sentinel-3 Synergy aerosol parameter post-process correction. This version carries out both accuracy and spatial anomaly corrections. Release version 1.0.0. This release consists of a Python script and trained deep learning models to post-process correct the Sentinel-3 Synergy (SY_2_SYN) aerosol data products. Developed by: Finnish Meteorological Institute and University of Eastern Finland Development of the algorithm was funded by the European Space Agency EO science for society programme via POPCORN project. Contact info: Antti Lipponen ( Github repository: