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  • 2018-2022
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  • Open Access English
    Dario Albani; Wolfgang Hönig; Daniele Nardi; Nora Ayanian; Vito Trianni;
    Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
    Country: Italy
    Project: EC | TAILOR (952215)

    Complex service robotics scenarios entail unpredictable task appearance both in space and time. This requires robots to continuously relocate and imposes a trade-off between motion costs and efficiency in task execution. In such scenarios, multi-robot systems and even s...

  • Open Access English
    Simeon Marnasidis; Apostolos Kantartzis; Chrisovalantis Malesios; Fani Hatjina; Garyfallos Arabatzis; Efstathia Verikouki;
    Publisher: MDPI AG

    Supporting local and central authorities in decision-making processes pertaining to environmental planning requires the adoption of scientific methods and the submission of proposals that could be implemented in practice. Taking into consideration the dual role that hon...